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Thu. Jan 24th 2019
The Portsmouth Fire Department is providing the public with information on Portable Space Heater Safety. Click Here To D...
Mon. Sep 19th 2016
The Portsmouth Fire Department is providing the public with a simple to complete downloadable form.  The "IN CASE o...
Mon. May 9th 2016
Portsmouth Fire Department will be hosting an EMS training event here at the station.Capnography For the EMS ProviderThe prog...
Mon. Jan 4th 2016
Year in Review for Portsmouth Fire Department…Emergency responses = 3099 (+4.4%)   Service calls = 1136 (-1%...
Fri. Oct 16th 2015
Excellent Salary and Fringe Benefits.Applicants must be 21 years of age or older. Must possess a High School diploma or G.E.D... Managed web hosting for Fire/EMS
Fire Prevention Division

Our goal in the Fire Prevention Division is to decrease the number and severity of all fires within the Town of Portsmouth.  We believe this can be accomplished through an active code enforcement program, public education activities, and engineering and plans review.  We strive to provide these services utilizing well trained and highly motivated personnel who understand the importance of customer service and fire safety education.


Fire Marshal William Ethier


Lieutenant Allen Levesque

Firefighter Ryan Gill       

Firefighter Kyle Tiexiera


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